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Compression Socks For Recovery

Many runners have been using compression sock as part of their training. However, another application for compression socks that is often overlooked is recovery.  Recovery is an important part of an athletes training regimen.  From the foods we eat and drink, to the use of massage therapists, the importance of recovery cannot be overstated.

Zensah Compression socks can be worn for hours after a run, and even used for sleep. Even wearing compression socks to bed can help speed up the recovery process and help push fluids and nutrients to the muscles.  Zensah’s line of compression socks are ideal for all situations from the Tech+ and Featherweight to the Pop Tech.

Better recovery means you will be ready to get back to training faster and healthier. Good recovery is critical in also mitigating injuries during training as it keeps your muscles fresh. So next time you train hard, make sure to include compression socks as part of your recovery ritual.