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Need a little help finding your perfect running shoe?

You're not alone. When you're staring at thousands of running shoes, it can seem a lot more complicated than it needs to be to pick your perfect shoe. To make it a whole lot easier on you, we've simplified it to these 2 steps:

  • Choose your cushion level

  • Pick your arch type

Complete these two steps and you're well on your way to your best fit ever. And you'll find that when your shoes fit and feel perfect, you'll be more motivated, check off your goals faster, and even reduce injuries so you can keep on movin'. Let's get you started!

Your Cushion Level

You might be thinking, “cushion level? That's easy. Isn't more cushion better than less cushion?” Not always. Cushioning's great, but it's just like any other feature of a running shoe. And different amounts of cushioning are best for different reasons. Here are some guidelines for choosing your best cushioning level 

Level 5 Cushioning

  • Your maximum cushion and top-of-the- line technology

  • Perfect for daily high mileage running and max impact protection

  • Built for longer races like half marathons and full marathons

  • Also ideal for new runners or runners with larger frames

  • Check out: Hoka Clifton , ASICS GEL-Kayano , Adidas Energy Boost , or Saucony Triumph

Level 4 Cushioning

Level 3 Cushioning

  • Your perfect balance of lightweight, moderate cushion and flex.

  • Pick up your pace with a fast, energetic feel for daily, tempo and race running.

  • Your exact midpoint between cushion and quick natural feel

  • Ideal for expert runners or those looking for a tempo shoe

  • Look to the Brooks Launch or the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante

Level 2 Cushioning

  • Your incredibly light, extremely flexible choice with just a touch of cushion and a minimal feel

  • Race, train, and feel connected to the road

  • Often used by highly competitive racers

  • Strengthen feet and practice form

  • Try the Nike Free or racing shoes

Level 1 Cushioning

  • Your lightest, most flexible designs offer only a thin layer of minimal protection

  • Strengthen feet while running, training or walking

  • Feel barefoot while protecting feet

  • Choose the the Vibram V-Run