Chief Runners Favorite Stretches

The Egoscue Method


Standing Quad Stretch


  1. Stand in front of and with your back to a block or chair; your feet should be pointed straight ahead and hip width apart. - If needed, stand facing a chair or doorjamb which you can hold onto for support and balance.

  2. Lift one food and bend that leg back, placing the top of the foot on the chail/block. - the height of the foot placement dictates the amount of sretch in the thigh muscles.

  3. Keep your hips and shoulders square to the wall.

  4. Look down and be sure that your knees remain pointed straight ahead and in line with each other.

  5. The key is to make sure that the hip of your down leg is not jutting out to the side. you mush keep your hips level.

  6. Now, try to tilt your butt under.

  7. hold as directed on your menu

  8. switch legs and repeat.

The purpose of this exercise stretches the muscles of the hip and repositions the pelvis.


Standing Arm Circles - 2x40


  1. Stand facing the mirror with your feet pointed straight ahead. place your finger tips into the pad of each hand and point your thumb straight out. - This hand position is imperative to the exercise being done correctly. It is called the “Golfer’s Grip”.

  2. Squeeze your shoulder blades together backwards and bring your arms out to your sides at shoulder level.

  3. With your palms facing downward, circle up and forward for the repetitions specified With your balms facing upwards, circle up and back for the desired repetitions.

  4. Remember to keep your feet straight and your shoulder blades squeeze together.


Standing Elbow Curls


  1. Stand against a wall with your feet pointed straight ahead.

  2. Keep your heels, hips, upper back and head against the wall.

  3. Place your knuckles against your temples with your thumbs pointed down to your shoulders.

  4. Open your elbows so that they are against the wall and close your elbows together in front of your face.

  5. Repeat


Static Wall


  1. Lie on your back with your legs pointed straight up and against the wall, upper boy relaxed with arms out to sides at about 45 degrees and palms facing up. When getting into this position, get your hips as close as possible to the wall, so once you are in position you butt is also as close as possible to the wall. If your hips are lifting of the floor then scoot your butt back until you are able to place your hibs flat. As you get more functional, your hips will sit closer to the wall and be flat on the floor at the same time.

  2. In this position tighten your thighs and pull your toes down and back towards you. your feet must be pointed straight for your hips to properly do the eede work to stabilize your spine.

  3. Hold as directed on your menu. Be sure to keep your toes pulled back and thighs tight.

Purpose: This exercise promotes thoracic extension while limiting the rotation ability of the load joints.


Cats & Dogs


  1. Start on your hands and knees. - Be sure that your hips are directly above your knees and that your shoulders are directly above your hands, fingers should also be pointed forward.

  2. For the cat position: pull your hips under, pull your head under and push your upper back to the ceiling to round your back up high.

  3. For the dog position: Roll your hips forward to put and arch in your back, collapse your shoulder blades together and look up.

  4. Slowly move back and forth between the can and dog positions.

  5. Repeat as directed on your menu.

Notes: Remember to drop your shoulder blades together in the dog position. Exhale on the cat & inhale on the dog.

Purpose: This exercise promotes bilateral spine flexion and extension while loading the shoulder and hip joints.




  1. Stand with your back against a wall with feet and knees hip width apart and feet pointed straight.

  2. Walk your feet away from the wall while sliding your body down at the same time. You will be “seated” in an invisible chair, with your knees bent at 105 degrees. Your hips are just slightly higher than your knees; your ankles are slightly ahead of your knees. Your lower back should be completely flat against the wall. Your arms can hang down to your sides, or rest your hands gently on your lap.

  3. Hold as directed on your menu. Keep the weight in your heels, do not press forward on your toes.

  4. Do Not Do This Exercise With Socks On!

  5. Do This Exercise in athletic shoes or on a yoga mat!

Purpose: This Exercise promotes proper function of the lower load joints while stabilizing the opposing pelvis.