Bronco Billy’s Injury Prevention Routine 

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TBS Photography

Jeff Browning, also known as Bronco Billy, is an endurance coach and accomplished veteran ultra-runner with 19 career 100-mile wins. He has 19 years of competitive ultra-running under his belt and 120+ ultra-marathon finishes. His most recent race was the Tarawera 100 Mile Endurance Run in New Zealand where he finished in 1st place and set a new course record. In order to remain healthy and perform his best throughout his long running career, Jeff has had to rely heavily on injury prevention and recovery. His favorite Pro-Tec products include the Orb Extreme, a high density massage ball, and the RM Extreme, a contoured roller massager. Both products provide him with a deep tissue massage to reduce muscle fatigue and tightness and help him recover better. He also uses the Contoured Foam Roller, Spiky Ball, and Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap. As a coach, he emphasizes proper movement patterns, mobility and preventative care. He relies on Pro-Tec products as part of his multi-faceted strategy to keep his body working smoothly.