A Fitness Fairy Tale

Michelle Steinke-Baumgard Personal trainer, author, life coach and mother

Michelle Steinke-Baumgard Personal trainer, author, life coach and mother

“Expectations are often our greatest hurdle to happiness. The happy ending is the lie within the fairy tale,” says Michelle Steinke-Baumgard, “after all, endings are always sad. The beginning and the middle are the fairy tale.”

The personal trainer, author, life coach and mother has made it her life’s work to share the gift of fitness, health, and mind body balance with the world. Her story of arrival is a glimmering example of turning pain into joy.

In 2009, Michelle sat on a beach in Mexico and found herself struggling to enjoy her family vacation. As she took inventory of her emotions, she came to realize that what she was really unable to enjoy was her life. Michelle, a married mother with a steady corporate job, was tired, overworked, overweight and suffocating beneath a seemingly beautiful life. She had neglected her own needs for too long, and on that beach decided to take life into her own hands. With the support and encouragement of her loving husband, Michelle threw herself into fitness upon arriving home, and quickly began to understand the positive effects that rigorous self care delivers.

If exercise was Michelle’s fairy godmother, grief became her glass slipper. Only months later, her husband of nine years and father of their two children died tragically in a small plane crash. Though beside herself with grief, Michelle decided once again to pivot within her pain. For the sake of herself and her children, she used fitness as a tool to come back to life. She began to explore the deep connection between moving your body and strengthening your soul.

Michelle went on to start the widely successful blog, One Fit Widow. This platform allowed her to connect with readers experiencing life altering stress, and she found joy in reminding them of the immense power to persevere that lies within us all.

Years later, Michelle met Keith Baumgard, an exercise scientist who also utilized fitness to heal from the loss of his best friend in a plane crash. The two fell in love and together founded their company, My1FitLife. From virtual training sessions and nutrition plans to adventure retreats in Bali, My1FitLife leads people back to themselves when they’re in need, and shows them how empowering healthy healing can be. Michelle says the most important thing is how you feel, that it’s about making your life bigger, not your body smaller.

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