The Positives of Negative Ions

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Ions: you can’t see them, but you certainly can feel them. Similar to our invisible yet powerful relationship with the earth’s magnetic field, our bodies are constantly affected by the ions that surround us. An ion is negatively charged where there are more electrons than protons. Conversly, it is positively charged when there are more protons than electrons. Contrary to connotation, negative ions are the beneficial ones, while positive ions, which are emitted by our everyday electronics, are more harmful than their name suggests. Ions are all around us and we experience them many times a day in all kinds of environs. Negative ions, the good ions, are most frequently found in natural settings and processes—examples of negative ion generators are when cold water crashes at the bottom of a waterfall, or sunlight surging through a plant during photosynthesis. Positive ions, on the other hand, radiate from your computer and cell phone and are just as harmful as UV rays. If we all sat by a babbling brook or plunged into the ocean every morning, our bodies would have enough negative ions to combat the side effects of our positive ion intake. Since we don’t all have that luxury, how can we remedy such an elemental imbalance? One way is to seek out any of a number of accessory bracelets that have the mineral tourmaline (a negative ion powerhouse) to help you balance these two powerful forces and harness the best that nature has to offer. For great products that offer the benefits of negative ions, click here…


Though most visibly used by premiere athletes for injury prevention and recovery, IonLoop is beneficial for a person doing any level of physical activity. Research has shown that the increase in negative ions facilitates healing by establishing a more efficient flow of oxygen and nutrients through the body. So whether you’re in yoga class or hitting the road, try for yourself and see how good you can feel.