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IonLoop Negative Ion + Magnet Bracelets


Our Technology

To build the most effective sport bracelets we have developed Ion Regeneration Technology IRT™; the most advanced technology in negative ion /magnetic products. We pulverize the negative ion producing mineral, tourmaline, and infuse it into IonLoop medical grade silicone band component using a proprietary process.

We also use alternating polarity to position our magnets on each bracelet which adds another dimension to the potential stimulus that the magnets may have on the chemistry of the human body. Our popular ion magnetic bracelets are made with two very strong magnets. The disc magnets maybe small but they are powerful and offer the maximum benefits of magnet therapy. IonLoop products allow you to enjoy all the natural benefits of magnets and negative ions: quicker sports recovery, better sleep, stress management, natural energy, better concentration and focus, less stiffness and soreness…more!

Visit www.ionloop for a full preview of over 130 different style bracelets and watches to choose from.  

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