The Health Benefits of Skating


One upside of the winter months is being able to go ice skating at your local lake or sports rink. Ice skating is a great form of moderate exercise toning your muscles while providing a great aerobic workout. Going ice skating exercises many small muscles which you rarely use everyday. By toning these muscles, you improve your performance in other activities such as skiing, running, and yoga.

Ice skating also tones larger muscles in your core, legs, and glutes. If you're a slow skater, no problem -- you're still burning around 400 calories each hour while faster skaters burn about 600 calories each hour.

You'll burn more calories ice skating outdoors rather than in an environmentally-controlled rink since you're fighting with wind resistance and uneven, hard ice. According to orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Angela Smith, ice skating is an ideal workout sport since it's both an aerobic and strength-building workout, and is accessible to all ages.

Ice skating is also a social sport, allowing you to network with others, make new friends, and improve your social skills while you're working out. Take advantage of the cold and go ice skating! It helps you lose weight, builds your endurance, tones a wide range of your muscles, and is a great aerobic workout. Ice skating can also help you meet and make new friends.