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Foot Log Roller


Relieves pain from plantar fasciitis and melts away stress

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The Foot Log roller is lightweight, durable, and an incredible massage at the end of a long run or a tough day on your feet. The Foot Log is designed to gently relieve foot pain and plantar fasciitis and is really great for anyone with poor foot circulation. But its much more than that. As you gently roll your foot over the soft nubs, your body will feel an instant relief of tension. Simply roll it under your foot for about 10 minutes a day. The light, tingling sensation it creates starts in your feet and radiates throughout your entire body. The Foot Log is easy to store (I even stick it in my gym bag) and is a must have device for anyone living an active lifestyle. A 62 page instructional manual filled with excercises plus great information on reflexology is included with your Foot Log.

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