Dual Double Handle Reflective Elastic Hands Free Dog Bungee Leash

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The Dog Leash for Runners and Walkers Featuring Dual Handle Bungees system makes for an easier run with added control


Cobalt Blue


neon yellow


Aqua Teal

This Hands Free dog leash frees up your hands so you can focus on your run vs. getting tangled up in your dog’s leash.

  • Comes with two handles to give you extra control

  • Durable dual bungees construction helps you and your dog from those annoying sudden jerks and your back will thank you too.

  • The leash stretches up to 67" and fits all dogs no matter their size

  • Reflective Stiching For Night Use

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Extra Long, Double Clasp, Suitable To Control 2 Dogs At The Same Time

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Dual Bungees To Absorb Shock Reducing Strain On You and Your Pet.


Regular Retail: $24.95

ViP Member Price: $14.95