Chief Runner’s Favorite Grand Kid Events

Before we start I tell the kids no electronics….ever….and no tv. All our time together is “active” and playful.


#1 - I took our “ceramic”  painted ….life size Dalmation “shoe dog” home with me. He lives in the pool room except when the kids come over. I tell the kids “shoe dog” has taken off and I can’t find him. They burst out of the mini-van headed to the front door to “find” where shoe dog” has gone. Even the older kids know that shoe dog is “not real” but they search and laugh just as hard as the rest. I always dress up shoe dog in some costume like on a scooter and helmet riding outside. Pictures of others enclosed. Only takes about 10 minutes but they have a blast and always reprimand Shoe dog for running away.


#2 - They love me to tell them a story every time that they can “act out” as the story moves along.

Most are about scary beasts and monsters but others are about baseball or soccer games.

The 2 oldest Connor and Paige now love making up their own stories now for the others to act out.

They all start…..Once upon a time….a long long time ago…


#3 - Whenever the Ocean kicks up and big waves hit the coast I take them out to the PB pier….they love it.

They love to watch the big waves crash into the pier by looking down through  the boards. Pictures enclosed.

We spend a good 45 minutes every time laughing and screaming at every wave that hits.