Drink to Your Health: 

More Athletes Hydrating with CBD Water


By Carla Parra

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 CBD water is leading the parade of popular products infused with CBD and athletes are drinking it up. What better way to get CBD in your system if you have to hydrate anyway? CBD water is proving to be a popular solution to alleviate muscle soreness and pain after a fierce competition or a hard workout. And it’s legal in all states where marijuana is legal for recreational use.

We all know oil and water don’t mix.  So how do manufacturers get the CBD into mineral water?  It happens through a process using nanotechnology.  Nanomaterials are extremely small particles measured in billionths of a meter.  During the combining process, CBD molecules are shrunk to one-millionth of their normal size to make it water dispersible. When these nanoparticles of CBD are added to water, the CBD moves through cells quicker to speed up recovery benefits and reduce muscle pain.  It’s a far more effective way for CBD to get to where it needs to go to help athletes recover faster. 

Look at it this way -- the human digestive system is the tortoise, and CBD water is the hare. With CBD edibles, for example, up to 90% of the CBD may be lost through digestion. With CBD water, virtually 100% absorption occurs quickly in all cells -- including nerve cells, red blood cells and the heart.   This makes sense when you consider the human body is made up of 60% water.  CBD water is also high in antioxidants, which gives your immune system an additional boost.  And when combined with the cumulative use of CBD oil, CBD water can pack a one-two punch, emphatically enhancing the restorative and healing benefits for users.

Drinking CBD water reportedly to not only alleviates pain, it can help with lots of other conditions as well. CBD is believed to be beneficial to the endocannabinoid system in the body, which is responsible for the regulation of the central and peripheral nervous system, immune system, cardiopulmonary system, and sleep and appetite systems. Drinking CBD water may reduce inflammation, suppress muscle spasms, and combat anxiety . And don’t fear…CBD water doesn’t contain THC so it will not get you high.

CBD water is quenching the thirst of thousands of athletes with several brands out there to choose from.  The top market leaders right now are CBD Living Water, CBD Naturals, and Canna Nano Water. Other brands include Hemp Hydrate, EverX, Quantum CBD and Great-West Water. All brands use nanotechnology to create their versions of CBD water.

Here are the pros and cons of CBD water:


-       Bioavailability: Virtually 100% of CBD used in water gets used by the body, so you need far less CBD in water versus CBD oil.

-       Taste: CBD water comes in different flavors, but even straight up it tastes better than CBD oil. 

-       Speed: Remember the tortoise and the hare comparison? CBD water is hands down the fastest way to get relief to an athlete’s aching muscles or joints.


-       High Cost:  CBD water is not cheap and shipping costs can be outrageous depending on the state.  Expect to pay $3 to $10 per bottle plus shipping costs.

-       No Full Spectrum: CBD water does not contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes like CBD oil, so it can be less effective without additional supplements.

-       Safety Risk: Researchers are still uncertain if nanoparticles can bypass the body’s protective barriers and expose it to unsafe levels of biochemicals.

As CBD products become a staple in the legal cannabis market, CBD water may very well become the next big growth trend, especially because of its convenience.  Athletes looking for immediate hydration and pain relief in a water bottle may have just found their nirvana.