The Most Brutal Booty Burnout

Add this to your next booty day to blowout the glutes. The pump will be unreal.

By Brianna Alexander


First, grab a floor mat and resistance band and place it right above the knees. Pro tip: the higher up the thighs you place it the easier it is, and closer to the knee the harder it is.  Here is round 1 of the burner:

 Banded feet elevated hip thrusts
1 - 30 seconds of banded feet elevated hip thrusts.

With these guys make sure you are driving through your heels to maximize the muscle recruitment in your posterior chain. As you lift and lockout your hips at the top of the movement, make sure you keep your chin in your chest and squeeze the glutes like your life depends on it at the top of each bridge.  No rest.


Banded feet elevated abductors

 2 - 30 seconds of banded feet elevated abductors.

With no rest in between, go right into abductors at the top of your glute bridge. Pro tip: don’t try to do these as fast as you can. If you want to get the most out of this move do these with one second out, one second hold, and one second in tempo.

 10 second rest and repeat 4x. 

Round 2 of the burner:


Banded side lying clams
1 - 15 banded side lying clams on the right side. Place band right above the knees and lay on your side. Drive the top knee up away from the bottom knee and then return back down. No rest


 Side lying hip raises

2 - 20 side lying hip raises on the right side.

Take the band off and lay down on the same side as you were for clams. Push through the bottom leg and bottom arm to lift the whole body off the mat and then return all the way back down to the ground. Flip over and do the clams and hip raises on the left side, and repeat 3x. Try this on for size after your next booty day.