The Body Log 18″ was designed for both the professional and amateur athlete to massage muscles before or after strenuous exercise (i.e., running, cycling, swimming, weight lifting, aerobic, work, etc.). The Body Log 18″ has over 200 quarter-inch flexible “fingers” designed to penetrate the nerve endings associated with tightness or soreness of muscles. The Body Log 18 is perfect for traveling, and it fits in a duffel bag so you can take it to the gym. It is 18 inches long with 4 1/2 inch handles on each side and a 7 1/2 inch massage area.

Use the Body Log to warm up muscles. Roll it 15 to 25 times over muscles to prepare them for your activity. It will help relieve cramps, soreness, and tightness of muscles. The 200 little flexible “fingers” reach deep in the muscle for a very comfortable massage. You can use the body log no matter what your activity level from beginner to professional. You control the amount of pressure from a light massage to a deep, penetrating massage.

Made in the USA

  • The Stick has over 400 flexible "fingers" that do not crush veins, never pulls hair, do not wear down over time and do not require maintenance, made out of Medical Grade Flexible PVC.

  • Larger Size Model to offer largest surface area for best stick massage available with 24" inch stick length.

  • Easy to use: The massager roles independently from the handles, so it glides smoothly over the muscles for either a deep or light massage. The handles are very comfortable to hold and give you full control over your massage.

  • Just Roll It: With the BodyLog, it only takes a few minutes to warm up and get your muscles and tissues ready for your workout. Watch it happen: Help accelerate muscle recovery, strengthens and gives muscles more flexibility, helps warm up tight or sore muscles.

  • Flexible “Fingers” that do not crush veins, do not wear down over time, and do not require maintenance.



Just $19.99


  • helps warm up tight or sore muscles

  • helps with muscle recovery

  • helps strengthen and gives muscles more flexibility

  • helps relax stiff, sore and painful muscles

  • use before workouts to prepare muscles for strenuous exercise

  • use it for muscles all over your body on any major muscle group

  • you control the pressure

  • no chemicals or batteries

  • use on bare skin or over a layer of clothing

  • use before and after exercising to prevent or manage your muscle pain

  • easy to clean

  • never pulls hair

  • comfortable handles

  • does not pinch skin

  • weighs less than 1 pound, very light and durable

  • restores muscle balance by getting rid of tension, stress, and pain

  • helps with fast recovery of sore muscles

  • save fingers and hands from massaging

  • made with medical grade flexible PVC

  • comfortable and safe to use