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Julia Kuba

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  • Julia was born with Spina Bifida and had zero movement in her legs.

  • Despite being told she’d never walk in her life, she took her first steps at age two with the aid of a walker.

  • Julia’s Mom, Holly, says that although “Julia’s physical abilities make life a challenge, she is always smiling and loves life!”

  • Julia’s super excited about using her hand-cycle to go fast with her little brother, all her cousins and her Grandmother.

Meet Our Heros


About Athletes Helping Athletes

Remember how much fun you had as a kid riding bikes with your family and friends? That exact same feeling of fun and freedom is what the Athletes of AHA get to experience when they hop on their brand new Adaptive Bike for the first time.

Your donations allow each eligible athlete to receive a custom built Adaptive Bike from AHA. Plus, AHA is 100% supported by Road Runner Sports! Together, AHA and Road Runner Sports ensure that all of your donations go to purchasing Adaptive Bike so that 100% of the cost is covered for each family.

You'd be amazed at the power an Adaptive Bike has to take a child from being stuck on the sidelines to becoming a full participant in the fun! Giving kids this gift offers them the chance to ride bikes with friends and family, set personal goals, and simply feel the joy of being a kid.

Thank you for your commitment to giving children with disabilities the opportunity to go fast, be free, and have fun!

AHA grants adaptive bikes to children 18 years and younger with "permanent physical" disabilities.  The child must be able to self-propel their bike without assistance and the family must know which bike is best for their child when applying.  Adaptive bikes are not covered by insurance and most charity grant processes are long and cumbersome.  We want to give these children the opportunity to "Just Be Kids" by making the process easy.  Athletes Helping Athletes is very unique in that it is 100% supported by Road Runner Sports, we accept applications 365 days a year, approve grants 365 days a year and we take the entire cost of the bike off the shoulders of the family. Since AHA was established in 2000 we have changed the lives of over 1,312 children and their families.