Activ5 by Activbody

Add a little strength training to your cardio routine.

Activbody aspires to keep the world active through fitness and health technologies designed to make exercise fun and convenient. Our goal is to provide efficient, effective and engaging fitness solutions for everyone. We believe any body can be an Activbody. A revolution in daily fitness, wellness and rehabilitation, Activ5 is a first-of-its-kind, wireless-enabled, isometric-based strength training device that coaches users through short duration, low impact, full body workouts. Isometric exercise is safe, efficient and with Activ5, now trackable. Small enough to fit in your pocket, it’s the perfect accessory to strengthen on the go. Break up your running schedule with muscle group specific gamified exercises that take seconds to complete. Our durable design measures more than 200 lbs of force, so even the strongest runners will get a good workout. Activ5 is Bluetooth enabled with a 6-month battery life, which requires no charging. This device is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices or tablets.

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